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Surreal form painting


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Artist Statement

What I am all about.

"How did you get into my dream last night?"

Surrealist painter Anton Small (born 1982) works in oil on canvas and gouache on paper, and composes pieces which appeal to his inclination for the peculiar and strange. His no-compromise approach drives him to paint subjects that interest him, describing his craft as an alternate language; the finished work, concept, or emotions once painted do not always directly translate into words. Largely inspired by a sense of otherness from artists like Francis Bacon, Kay Sage or Yves Tanguy, Anton produces most of his paintings in small sessions over several days; much of it in the late evening and into the night. The surreal entities he creates are an attempt to combine the objectively absurd within elements of the "real" world. These include the transformation of abstraction into illusionism, furthering Anton's thesis that there is no clear border between genres.


Upcoming and recent exhibitions


Anniversary group exhibition of the Schwetzingen Art Association at the Palais Hirsch, Schwetzingen / Germany (22nd of July until 14th of August 2022)


Exhibition in Gönnheim / Germany

T|M Gallery

Exhibition in Brilon / Germany of selected artworks, start 1st of October 2021 (still running)

Artistonish Magazine

Artwork "Mikrokosmos" featured in the November 2021 edition

"New Selection", Badiani Art Space

Group exhibition in London - in Feb.|March 2022

Faces And Figures

Virtual exhibition hosted by Las Laguna Art Gallery / California (US), Jan. 2022

Open Air Gallery

My large mural-like painting for the Open Air Gallery in Gönnheim, Germany was presented on 17th of July 2021

"YouMeUsWe", The Halley Space

Group exhibition in London (The Halley Space, Haggerton) - 18th of June 2021 until 9th of July 2021

Awakening to Reality

Group exhibition in London - SKT Gallery - SKT Alternative Art Collective, 26th of May - 10th of June 2021

Barcelona 1.0

Digital presentation of my artwork "Zweigstelle" in the Valid World Hall Gallery, Barcelona, via ArtBox-Project - 2nd of May 2021 until 7th of May 2021

Praxis für Ergotherapie Daniela-Dittler

Selected artworks are on display in 2021 at the "Praxis für Ergotherapie Daniela-Dittler" in Ludwigshafen am Rhein (Germany)

Exhibition Weingut Eymann

My artwork was on display at the wineyard Eymann in Gönnheim (Germany) from November 2020 - March 2021


My artwork was digiality presented on a screen at the SWISSARTEXPO 2020 in Zürich

FOM - Forms of mind

Visual art contest by the Carneviola Gallery, La Spezia, Italy (Online presentation)

Artnumber 23 Gallery Open Call - Short Listed

In 2020 my artwork was shown by the Artnumber 23 Gallery at a group exhibition in Athens / Greece

Rooftop Arts Centre - Postcard Show

In 2020 several of my surreal handdrawn postcards where on display at the Rooftop Arts Centre in Corby / UK

Kunsthaus Frankenthal

In 2019 my artwork could be seen in a group show called "Freymeyer and Friends" at the Kunsthaus in Frankenthal / Germany

ArtBox Gallery

My painting "Lichtschein" was digiality presented on a screen at the ArtBox Gallery and the SWISSARTEXPO 2019 in Zürich


Quotes from German newspapers
"[...] the buyer [of Small's work] has definitely shown an understanding of something extraordinarily great in art."
SCHWETZINGER ZEITUNG, 27th July 2022 link (German)

"Smalls pictures unfold their magic not least from the color combination and tiny details."
DIE RHEINPFALZ Bad-Dürkheim, 13th December 2020 link (German)

"His surreal structures are an attempt to overcome the boundaries of genres."
DIE RHEINPFALZ Frankenthal, 8th November 2019

DIE RHEINPFALZ Frankenthal, 20th July 2021 link (German)

TV: Gönnheim: WineStreetArt-Festival, Kultur & mehr
5ZEHN (RNF), 14th July 2021 link (German)

Online press:
WOCHENBLATT-REPORTER.DE, 15th November 2019 link (German)